Yang Yang acting in place eyes are play

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   天游官网平台讯,Think Yang Yang acting is some, look at his expression in the eyes there is content, but still want to strengthen, maybe later play road wide will be better. Xiao Nai this role is not good to play, the person set itself is too dreamy, it can be seen that Yang Yang is very serious in play (light control dazhi attribute used up the primordium of power), but its own lack of experience and may want to play well, suddenly too hard will become stiff. If only look at Xiao Nai, I will also feel That Yang Yang acting is not good. But after watching his previous roles, I believe he has the acting ability. One of his strengths is that each character has few personal traces. Each character can play a different feeling, which shows that he is very malleable. However, his recent roles are handsome, but less clever. This kind of role certainly attracts fans, but long term will still limit his acting path. In fact, I really hope he can act in a drama, which will help him improve his acting ability and dialogue level. I hope he can go further and longer!

  Only the red can be discovered, only the red can pick book qualifications, only a certain stage of the red island can put down all the practice of acting, glory return and people remember his capital. There's nothing you can do about it. Development utility or stay with his team and the company has a relationship, really do not like his agent! The best thing about Yang Yang is that she works very hard and strives for perfection. She has been honing her acting skills. What I pay close attention to him is that he pats kang shifu advertisement is to ask Peter Chan to direct, line progress is very obvious, as actor he is accumulating and precipitation all the time! Think he destroyed the kylin zhang play are not read a book, three uncle so many book, kylin zhang laughed is only 3 times, he is not without expression, but can't have any mood, mood has had no way to influence him, this is a live for over 100 years kylin zhang, he is kylin zhang, who can no longer feel the kylin zhang show out.  Yang Yang

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