Bian Boxian does everything well

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   天游官网平台讯,Byeon can't remember every fan's face, but when he goes to a book signing, he tries to remember how exciting it is to say, "Here we go again, I can always see you" the next time you meet. He is our side genius, no matter what things, can do very well, we think he is easy, but in fact, how much effort behind his comeback, he never told us. When we try to vote for them, he is too distressed for us, like that year we suffered a lot of hard and many grievances and get a great reward, he comforted us "Ellie don't cry, we get a great reward" I can't help but sour every time I see this sentence, he too understand us. Perhaps we are far away, but he is always trying his best to get close to us, like he opened an external network account, when there is time to chat with Ally, reply, how many people can do ah, this makes how many people envy ah.

  He did a lot of things are for us, he actually need not do so, safely accept our pay, occasionally send some welfare thank you can, but he is so good, so for our sake. I'm a group fan so the fan filter might be a little strong. However, in the eyes of most passers-by, he is also so kind and lovely. Although he is very indoorsy, he has no problems in interpersonal communication. Many predecessors like him at the same time. He's no longer young this year, but he's still the same in other people's eyes. Hasn't he changed? Of course changed, although still so like to play, but his mind than before more calm, think of things more, but he never in front of us. I think there is a sentence really very suitable for him: sophisticated but not sophisticated, he is such a person ah, people crazy like, crazy love.  Bian Boxian

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