Be fostered by secret Li Qin, where is excellent after all?

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   天游官网平台讯,I once heard a teacher say in an interview program that Li Qin was a kunqu opera character who was secretly cultivated by the state. But later, because he starred in a Dream of Red Mansions, he felt restless, so he quit Kunqu opera and joined the entertainment circle. As for the teacher's statement, many people think that Li Qin will quit the Kunqu opera circle, not really because of his restless heart, but because compared with Kunqu opera, the entertainment industry is more profitable, and after weighing the interests, he will naturally choose the entertainment industry. But what Li Qin reason is because we don't know, but it is undeniable that used to be state secrets to cultivate Li Qin, whether in temperament or in figure is great, and she works in the entertainment circle, over the years each one showed her ring of acting, did not live up to any audience.

  Not only that, as one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, Li Qin's appearance level is still very capable of playing, whether in high-definition images or captured by netizens, Li Qin can always show her most beautiful side. Especially before paragraph of time when she is traveling in Sanya, that group of traveling photos that photograph, let a person feel beautiful to give sky more, did not expect to have li Qin of 31 years old now, incredibly still can have such beautiful figure, full girl feeling absolutely. This also can blame once Li Qin meeting is the Angle that the country secret raises, resemble such an image extremely good goddess, no matter where put can be called extremely beautiful, natural meeting was taken seriously by the country. But no matter she did not live up to the choice of the country or made any decision, as others we are not qualified to criticize her, and in the entertainment development of Li Qin, also did not live up to the actor's identity, is not it?  Li qin

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