Bao Lei and Lu Yi celebrate their birthday alone, full of happiness

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   天游官网平台讯,In the entertainment circle model husband and wife many, CAI Shaofen and Zhang Jin, Qi Wei and Li Chengxuan, Sun Li and Deng Chao... You know, the perfect couple. However, the pair of model couples that we want to introduce today are relatively low-key. They are lu Yi and Bao Lei who have been married for more than ten years and still love each other as ever. How much do you know about this pair of husband and wife? January 6th is Lu Yi's birthday. As usual, Bao Lei sent her best wishes to her husband on weibo, but the difference is that the two couples spent their birthday together, sweet and sweet. Although bao Lei sent her husband a short message of blessing on the platform, lu Yi is now 40 years old, but Bao Lei still calls her husband a teenager, can feel full of happiness across the screen, such a marital relationship can not make people envy?

  Compared with other couples in the entertainment industry, Lu Yi and Bao Lei are really very low-key, married for more than ten years without speculation, no gossip, down-to-earth filming, giving people the feeling of a real loving couple. Dimly once Bao Lei was in "diao Man Princess" in the role of the anning princess, not only unruly and capricious, and very dependent on her emperor brother, now unexpectedly also became a person's wife, and had a so love their husband, this is probably worthy of the name of the winner of life? Even if both husband and wife in the entertainment circle is not particularly high for fame, but at least their lives had is good, compared to those who always basked in weibo happy couples, their love does not contain any hype, but small make up is very much looking forward to mainland actor to star in film and television works again, continue to show complete acting, so how do you see?  Lu yi

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