Bella Thorne show her topless

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   天游官网平台讯,Bella Thorne, a 21-year-old American actress who participated in "Dancing Youth", often took a cool photo on the social networking site. On the 15th, she made a self-portrait nude photo on Twitter, which shocked many netizens. . Afterwards, she explained the reasons behind it and made many fans angry and distressed. Bella Thorne said in a statement that he was threatened by hackers and announced a screenshot of the two-person conversation. The other party came with a bunch of her nude photos. In the past 24 hours, she has been threatened by hackers and has been crying. In the end, she decided to announce it first to fight back. At the same time, Bella Thorne denounced the other person's behavior quite rude. "I have made the decision, that is to publish these photos. Now, you can't extort anything from me!", "When I regain my power, I can finally sleep well tonight. You can't control me." Life, never!" "FBI will find you. You fuck better pay attention to youself!"

  The foreign media "CNN" hit the hacker phone number shown on the screenshot of the conversation, but no one answered. In fact, before Bella Sonne, actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Aubrey Plaza, and Kate Upton were also exposed to nude photos by hackers. Once set off the Hollywood storm. Many actresses also appealed that self-portraits are not guilty, and those who are guilty are maliciously dispersed people.  Bella Thorne

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