Depp accuses his ex-wife

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   天游官网平台讯,According to foreign media reports, Johnny Depp filed a statement with the court in the case of his ex-wife, Ameber Hilde, saying that "I have never abused Ms. Hilde and any other women." He stressed that he had never been domestically violent, but was attacked by Hilde's family. He said that she had been punched and kicked and thrown objects numerous times. She had caused serious injuries and was afraid of dying. Depp also accused Hilde or her friend of deliberately pulling a stool in his bed.

  The statement said that since Hilde first entered the court in May 2016 to ask for a restraining order and a domestic violence allegation against Depp, he has been strongly opposed to the accusation, "I will continue to oppose this life." There were videos and eyewitness testimony that Hilde had no injuries on her face. The injury on her face when she appeared in court that day was painted. Depp also said: In April 2016, he found that he had feces on his bed and then filed a divorce with Hilde. At that time he separated his own things from Hilde in the attic he owned and lived with Hilde. The next day, he found someone pulling a bowel movement on his bed. "It was one of Ms. Hilde or one of her friends. It was a disgusting joke, and they left together at the Coachella Music Festival." Hilde then told their real estate agent that the feces were just a harmless joke.  Depp

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