Britney is hospitalized

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   天游官网平台讯,Britney Spears has recently been exposed to hospitalization for psychotherapy, and her mother has finally broken the silence on this matter. A source close to Britney told the media that Britney was currently undergoing treatment at a hospital because of tremendous pressure, and her mother shared an inspiring news on Ins on Thursday. She wrote: "No matter how bad things are now, no matter how difficult you feel now, no matter how many days you have been crying, no matter how many days you spend to hope things are different, no matter how much you feel disappointment and frustration, I promise that you will not be like this forever, life will continue to move forward." Britney also received public support. Her sister and her sister’s boyfriend also shared a lovely photo. The photo was the first day of Britney’s school.

  Her sister also wrote: “Love you. Take care of yourself, from the ideological, physical and spiritual level. "We have ideals to believe that Britney's hospitalization does not mean how much she is weakened, but she adjusts herself in a timely manner. This is a symbol of absolute power, and each of us should be inspired by this.   Britney Spears

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