Marvel's first Chinese hero movie

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   天游官网平台讯,Just yesterday, according to the comicbook report, Marvel's first Chinese hero film "Shang Qi" (Shangqi) will start shooting in Sydney, and there are also reports that the "Shang Qi" movie will receive a one-time grant of $24 million. It is reported that Mitch Fifield, the Australian federal art department, said that Marvel Films has received a grant of more than $24 million, and this project will bring in $150 million in revenue to the local economy, creating 4,700. Job position.

  It is reported that "Shang Qi" has set the director Destin Clayton. He once filmed the "Youth Shelter." According to previous news, the actors and crew members will be Asian. The screenwriter of the film also adopted the Chinese scriptwriter Dave Karahan. He is also the screenwriter of Godzilla and Wonder Woman 1984. In the Marvel comics, Shang Qi is the son of China's villain Fu Manchu. He was born in Hunan and his mother is white. He was thrown into a remote place by his father, trained in long sticks, nunchakus, swords, etc. and a variety of martial arts, and also joined the Avengers. The film is said to have made a contemporary adaptation of his story, removing some stereotypes of Asians in comics. Marvel movies can always please the Chinese audience. But can a hero from China continue the brilliance of Marvel movies? We will wait and see.  Shang Qi

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