Tom Hanks prepared gifts for leukemic children

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   天游官网平台讯,News reported that in the United States Aspen, a little girl suffering from leukemia, whose mother write a posting on the social networking site in order to give her a memorable birthday, “I hope friends from around the world post cards to her”. To everyone’s surprised, in the thousands of postcards, there was one turned out to belong to Tom Hanks, a winner of Oscar !

  Aspen will celebrate her 13 birthday in September 1st, and her dream is to explore the world. But because of illness and not stopping treatment, there is no way to leave the hospital, so her mother calls for the social network, and hope netizens can send postcards from all over to her daughter, so that Aspen can have a memorable birthday.After the news,Aspen’s mother received enthusiastic response, accumulated thousands of postcards, in addition to different states of the United States, including 49 countries. One of the most special one is from a Greek Aegean island of Antiparos in Hainan, unexpectedly the sender is Tom Hanks. In the postcard, the superstar wears sunglasses and a hat, he waves his hands in front of the camera. On postcard’s back, Tom Hanks writed "Aspen, hope that you receive it before your 13 birthday. Happy birthday! Love you!"Aspen’s Mommy don't believe at the beginning of Tom Hanks himself, after the online handwriting signature with the same postcard, very close from the social network that Tom Hanks and his wife is on holiday in Greece. So it must be sent from Tom Hanks. Thanks to Tom Hanks and other netizens that sent postcard to Aspen, Aspen’s Mommy believed that her daughter will spend an unforgettable birthday. Tom Hanks

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