Zhou libo is frank about his previous experience

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   天游官网平台讯,Zhou libo, a famous talk-show actor in China, had to watch zhou libo show when I was young, as long as I turned on the TV set. Zhou libo's performance, it can be said that the action is rich, the language is funny, for the number of screen audience created joy. Behind zhou's jokes, however, he lived an unhappy life, twice in prison and repeatedly in trouble. In 90 years, zhou was married and jailed, married twice, divorced twice and exposed by his ex-wife. Since 2006, zhou libo's career has been on the rise again, and he has become famous all the way. Later, he began to host one week libo show. At the peak of his career, zhou was once again caught in the United States.

  On June 4, 2018, zhou libo was finally sentenced to acquittal in the "drug-related gun case". This for zhou, no doubt, it is a farce, zhou in an interview, he big beefing, and affectionately imitation caught the scene at that time, see the appearance of zhou now, as if returned to his talk show. Zhou distance were caught last year already has a year and a half time, during this time, small make up can't imagine how zhou libo experienced suffering, but he was still very strong, very calm, also jokingly said that elder brothers are very strong, is not never go in. We sincerely hope that lippo can stand up strong again and perform better works for the audience and contribute more power to the society. zhoulibo

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