MAO xiaotong was threatened to go to hell by his father

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   天游官网平台讯,Recently, a group of photos suddenly appeared on the Internet, pointing directly at MAO xiaotong. This person is not others, it is the biological father of MAO xiaotong, the picture says, want MAO xiaotong to support himself, also want to live in a villa, drive humvee, want to get the same treatment as MAO xiaotong's mother. Small can not help feeling that there is such a father, directly to their star daughter smear. Since entering the entertainment circle, MAO xiaotong's journey has not been easy. Without a strong family to back it up, I just stepped out of it one step at a time. It is not easy to have such achievements now. Since her debut, she has acted in a number of popular costume dramas and romance dramas. Her performance is also top-notch. She has won many awards and is a new generation of attractive actors.

  Learned, Mao Xiaotong own father is surnamed li, Mao Xiaotong is after her mother to change the name, with the mother's surname, in Mao Xiaotong little, parents' divorce, her father was failing to education children, raising their own responsibility, and now, watch Mao Xiaotong yourself out step by step, he began to announce he has a daughter, "" star, the star daughter didn't support him, and he even suggested that require Mao Xiaotong 50 million for oneself, and Mao Xiaotong cut off contact, or, together will go to hell! I don't know, the world unexpectedly has such a father, did not give the children what, but is pulling the children's hind legs! Sincere hope, Mao Xiaotong should be strong, to learn how to cope with this problem, ease the contradiction and father, to deal with the relationship between family, to have more energy into the new dance. maoxiaotong

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