"King of the world" apologizes

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   天游官网平台讯,Recently, because "transboundary king" infringed on the copyright issue, it can be said that the entertainment circle is buzzing, and has not stopped for a long time.However, the transboundary singer has made an apology in public and has been forgiven by gao xiaosong, and the matter is in a paragraph.After all, the crossover star has sincere accept the apology, if gao rao, this is gao is very stingy, are to survive in the entertainment circle, give each other a step, maybe there will be more wide tomorrow.

  Story is like this, the crossover singer "was for copyright owners trying to apply for authorization, and author of unsigned lyrics, leads to gao very angry, it has published articles on twitter, vowed to maintain their own rights and interests.It's not, last night, the crossover star you because the director did not notice the related music works of the author's signature, public apology gao on weibo, and said will solve this problem as soon as possible, as soon as possible to solve the problem of copyright, to gao an answer.Gao xiaosong is a kind of old man, of course, not to be unrelent, but gao xiaosong's way let all people give him thumb up.Gao forwarded you apology and reply to you, gao said: "you're an apology letter and remedial measures, the leadership of the Beijing TV station also find I apologize, hope we of the older people don't let us maintain their own rights and interests, the rights and interests of musicians I hope I can get the most basic safeguard, and xu sing well."This is a quick reminder of gao's emotional intelligence, but it's not a good thing to want it to happen.   Xiaosong Gao

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