Braids of Yang power

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   天游官网平台讯,Captured by a reporter Yang mi at shenzhen today to take part in activities, wearing a white T, wore a similar perspective under the blue long skirt, comb a plait, was a young girl feels dye-in-the-wood, especially suitable for the feeling of summer, looks like Yang mi's style is very severe.I believe that soon, there will be a lot of Yang power clothes on the Internet.In fact, I have bought the same clothes as Yang mi, because Yang power's style of dress is really great, it is very attractive.As everybody knows, Yang mi is notoriously desperately saburo entertainment circle, have been trying to work, and Yang mi now has his own company, at the hands of artists is numerous, now in the entertainment industry's most popular stars Dillon hot, Yang mi's artists, now her hot like Yang mi before, acting career, like hanging open, very hot, many people are looking for Dillon hot take sport, now she don't lack most is the resources of heat, the most need is time.Moreover, many fans language, Dillon heat may be a second Yang mi, as entertainment hot figure, however, must be to make money, as long as the money is in place, I believe Dillon hot bar will continue under Yang mi.Now, Yang mi is also the top character in the entertainment industry.

  He is the boss of the company, and he also has superb acting skills. I believe these are all inseparable from Yang power's hard work.Now Yang mi has his own husband, liu kaiwei, his own daughter small glutinous rice, should be very happy.Small make up think, still should spend a little time to accompany with oneself of family, after all family is the most important.   Mi Yang

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