Park has a break up with huang

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   天游官网平台讯,On May 15, according to people familiar with the park have days and yellow lotus na has officially broke up, two people also cancelled the wedding ceremony, two people may be finishing your feelings now, temporarily haven't reply, believe that before long, two people will respond.But how did she break up with her?Obviously two people have been about to get married before, how come suddenly separated, there is what is difficult to say?

  Park and huang were dating in April last year, when two people were together looking at the beauty and beauty.But recently, she said, "it's very late to receive video. Thank you very much."Then, huang lotus na also interact with the fans in the comments below, the yellow lotus na say: "don't want to get married, also don't want to get married later, should be a lifetime will not get married, just want to talk about a lifetime of love, a handsome life."It is obvious from this reply that huang horna should have broken up with park, otherwise she would not have said so.It is reported that huang lotus na's family background is very good, can say yellow lotus na should be grew up is spoiled, although there are days of well-known park, taken a lot of TV shows and movies, but compared with yellow lotus na, or a large section of the poor, so the park one day is not so rich.Before that, huang had pushed back the time of the wedding, and presumably she didn't want to get married with park.The reason for breaking up should not be the door to the door, so park had a break with huang, and told a lot of people, a close match.  Micky Yoochun

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