Shen mengchen is a bridesmaid

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   天游官网平台讯,Today is xinbo fu and YingEr wedding, I believe that this matter has quick throughout the entertainment business, after all xinbo fu and YingEr are from the entertainment circle, so the natural xinbo fu marry YingEr to relatives and friends of all of them should be in the entertainment industry.Among them, there is shen mengchen among the bridesmaids, but the relationship between yinger and shen mengchen is so good.

  As everybody knows, Shen Mengchen now in love with handsome, two people did not explicitly announced at the beginning, then two people don't know how, it comes to the other party, is very shy, so has been speculation that the two should be together.Initially Shen Mengchen towards the entertainment circle, is completely against the handsome, and there was no one found Shen Mengchen its own advantages, then Shen Mengchen follow handsome began to run the world bit by bit, so just had now Shen Mengchen.Now the Shen Mengchen could have a place of their own, small make up know, Shen Mengchen already in hunan satellite TV hit "I want to and you sing" in the third quarter before attending guests, once a singer in the singer's agent, and also hosted the bar "singer" program, so I said now Shen Mengchen is has its own development completely, does not need to rely on handsome already.However, it seems that the relationship between shen mengchen and du haitao is getting better and better. It may be that du haitao spent the most miserable time with shen mengchen.Shen mengchen now has a very good relationship with many stars in the entertainment industry, which seems to be inseparable from shen's own efforts.I hope that later shen mengchen can have a better development in the entertainment industry.  Shen mengchen

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