Ma sichun appeared in cannes

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   天游官网平台讯,In the past few days, ma sichun has come to the view of people, the movie and TV series of ma sichun, basically the box office is very high and the audience rating is one of the best.Ma sichun, as a new female star, will also be welcomed by many people.Perhaps some people may think that Sandra was not as skinny as its her female star, but Sandra is very clothes, to wear clothes to the essence of every time, is very tide a female star.

  Previously, ma sichun and zhou dongyu worked together on "July and ansheng", which was very popular, and two people became "golden horse movie", how many people want to win the honor.When ma sichun came into my field of vision, it was because of a film "left ear", when ma sichun played the li bar of female number two, but I really liked her acting.Slowly to "July and ansheng", it can be said that ma sichun's acting has reached the point of perfection.And now ma sichun and ohao's love is also very sweet, it seems that ma sichun is a career and love double harvest.Not only that, ma sichun and zhou dongyu because of the movie "July and ansheng", now two people's friendship is also very deep.It doesn't, the grand opening of the 71th cannes film festival in France, as a "golden horse best actress Sandra also attended, Sandra dressed in a suit and half dew shoulder, looked very have feminine taste, really love a woman is different from others.Hopefully, ma sichun and ou hao can be together, let us hear the good news early, and also hope to give the audience a better work.  Sandra

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