Jacky cheung's concert captures the fugitive

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   天游官网平台讯,Recently, Jacky cheung held a personal concert in ganzhou, however, Jacky cheung in a fugitive in jiangxi ganzhou concert day unexpectedly caught for face recognition, really let a person very incredible.I think it's the first way to capture an escaped convict through a concert. It's really admirable.

  When it comes to zhang xueyou, I believe that you are already familiar with it. It can be said that the leader and pioneer of the Chinese music industry of Jacky cheung is also a superstar in the field of music.Jacky cheung's influence, may be a lot of people don't believe it, his influence can be said to be the global Chinese and southeast Asia, the 70 s and 80 s were very basically like Jacky cheung, even the people in the 90 s grew up listening to Jacky cheung's songs.Zhang xueyou is an important influence on many people.Jacky cheung has outstanding achievements in addition to singing, and he is in the song and dance drama and film performance, has a lot of position, though Jacky cheung not a idol's face, but his performance, and a wonderful song is singing in the entertainment circle and have a seat position, let a person envy.Recently, Jacky cheung started around the concert, can say each time concert, concert venues are very big, but in this way, some fans can't buy tickets for the concert Jacky cheung, visible how popular Jacky cheung.Recently, however, the police have captured a long-escaped prisoner through a concert by Jacky cheung, and fans have said: "Jacky cheung should be an undercover officer in the entertainment industry."  Jacky Hok YauCheung

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