Versatile Britney Spears

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   天游官网平台讯,Recently, Britney Spears, pop star, is launching her own fashion and lifestyle brand with music retail branding cooperate with Epic Rights. She is 36 years old and her brand range will feature fashion apparel,hair care and accessories.

  These will be retailed next spring. Britney excitedly collaborated with Epic Rights to create a new contemporary lifestyle collection. The collection is her next step in connecting with her legions of loyal fans around the globe. The chart-topping star hopes that through her partnership with Epic Rights she will be able to develop her brand globally.Dell Furano, chief executive officer of Epic Rights, is also thrilled to have joined forces with her . Britney continues to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world with numerous multi-platinum records and awards over the past 20 years. As a passionate artist, successful businesswoman and devoted mother, her strive for excellence is unparalleled. As well as preparing for the launch of her own branded merchandise, Britney is prepping her Piece Of Me U.S. and European tour.  Versatile Britney Spears

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