Happiness with enthusiasm

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   天游官网平台讯,A large amount of people usually say they will stay at home when they are in old age. Now, there is a remarkable case against it. Maria Angeilca Ramos, 92 year old soccer coach, is dwarfed by most of her players. But she is not let age distract her from her goal of turning the youngster on a junior squad in Lima, Peru, into full fledged football players.

  She has been here for more than 40 years, but when she lived in Barranco she already had a team. She left that when she came here, so we can imagine how many years she has been in a sports. With her brusque style ,as we like, salty language and emphasis on discipline, she’s earned the affection of the young players who call her the old lady. Her coaching style has taken her club to many championships and she says she does not intend to stop.“I’m going to keep going as long as God wants me to.I do not know but I think I’m going to die in some soccer pitch. But I am going to keep going with this.”Maybe her persistence insistence, and enthusiasm ,we have seen a notable woman.  Happiness with enthusiasm

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