She killed the new movie

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   天游官网平台讯,This morning, it was known that she killed the TV series she killed.It is said that the TV series "she killed" took five months to shoot, across the three countries, finally filmed, and today killed.The TV series "she killed" has been followed by the release of the cast members, including fan bingbing, huang xuan, wang ziwen, xin zhilei and li qin.Fan bingbing, huang xuan, wang ziwen, xin zhilei and li qin all appeared in the TV series "she killed".

  Do you know who the director of the TV series she killed?That is cao baoping.Bao-ping cao before shooting love drama "lee meters guess", the TV series by countless people love praise, and as they said: "the TV play is direct, so many people, is a masterpieces."I believe this is a huge affirmation to the director cao baoping.Later, cao baoping directed the film "the hot sun", which can be said that this movie really broke the box office of the crime film industry, and let people praise cao's ability.Now, cao baoping has shot the TV series "she killed", I believe it will also be popular, the audience rating has soared.Director bao-ping cao tells the story of the TV play "she killed", he said: "the film tells the story of a youth from the campus, in different periods of emotional situation, slowly revealed the goodness of human nature and ugly."Every actor has challenged his own limits, and I'm sure this TV series "she killed" must have been wonderful.Cao baoping, who has always been a very high standard, is sure to present the best work to the audience. We look forward to it.  Cao Baoping

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