spends 160 million yuan on luxury homes

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   天游官网平台讯,It should be known that the stars of the entertainment industry live in mansions.The actor's fame is high, natural a set of pay is more, so make money more, of course will be better to oneself, buy a mansion for oneself.So, some people might feel unfair, why do the stars of the entertainment can spend heavily to buy homes, and that I was going to nest in dozens of square meters of small houses, in fact, nothing is fair, pay more, is obtained.The stars of the entertainment industry experience a lot more than our ordinary people. They have to go through the pressure of gossip, even if they are a little bit careless, they will suffer from depression. What a pain it is.Therefore, the stars of the entertainment industry should bear the unexpected pressure.

  This is not, the most recently bought a set of 160 million yuan mansion, went up hot search, buy a mansion to have what surprise.Joey yung since debut to now, has always been dedicated to work, has been very efforts, joey yung's hands now have 12 sideline, a genuine "women days" entertainment, so buy a 160 million yuan of surprise.But some people just because joey yung bought a $160 million mansion, let joey yung hot search list, and oneself also quietly fire a handful of fame while joey yung, the star is a star, a bit of trouble, will certainly was found by people, have no freedom at all.However, joey yung also said: "our family's finances are my mother wears the pants, just my name, so I do not love, but still want to live in everyone's mother, happy mother's day."I hope the road ahead will be smooth.  Joey Yung

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