Angel Wang gull is such a beautiful and sweet star

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   天游官网平台讯,Yesterday, Wang Ou updated a tweet, and with his photo on the bed, Wang Ou in the picture is very beautiful, fans have said: "Wang Ou is a goddess of beauty to the big since childhood, really envy Wang Ou has a more long more beautiful face."And a lot of people say that the gull is a better actress than the photo.Before Wang Ou to participate in "let's love each other love is god's will", don't know you remember don't remember, and will make up a pair of CP, then we think Wang Ou is and who is very suitable.Wang gull is also a very filial girl, since she was very special to her mother, always go home to see her mother.In the show "we love each other", wang gull is especially friendly to Ming dao's parents. She is a very good actress.

  The gull was named for the model, because it was a pretty standard girl, and then she began to play a small role in the TV series, and later she played the heroine.I am familiar with wang gull in "nirvana in fire," which left a very deep impression on me.Later, "the disguster" was also a popular TV series, and wang gull also appeared in it, so the gull was also very popular.The wang gull is a single parent family, and has been living under the care of wang gull, so the gull has made great efforts to do better and give his mother a better life.However, the gulls have never had a significant other, probably because they are single-parent families.However, hope that the good and beautiful wang gull can find the other half early and lead a happy life.  Angel Wang

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