She had a sweet photo

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   天游官网平台讯,Recently, Hans zhang and loesch ning has appeared in a TV show the warmth of the string, can ShuiBu show the warmth of the string, an instant was the attention of many people, a lot of people are standing loesch and Hans zhang ning to the CP, Hans zhang level online or in appearance, after all, big long legs, loesch ning also not bad, is a special female star of life, and grow good-looking, also is a perfect match between two people.However, as zhang han, who has just broken up with guilia, has a new relationship so soon, maybe she will feel very uncomfortable.

  But she did not disappoint. She posted a photo of herself and dou xiao.As is known to all, the relationship between guliazza and dou xiao is very close. If it is not for the relationship between guilianza and zhang han, it is believed that guilianza will be with dou xiao.But she should regret it now.To talk with Hans zhang together, by how much gossip ah, after all before Hans zhang and Zheng Shuang love so beautiful, but because GuLiNa, two people to break up.Maybe, Hans zhang and Zheng Shuang is peace break up, but may be more people to the finger points to the GuLiNa, then GuLiNa tied to attend "we come in the second quarter, once cry, feel very difficult, but fortunately, there is the company of Hans zhang.But then zhang han and guilianza also separated, probably because of inappropriate.But now, it seems, she has dou xiao.Zhang han and zhang junning are also very close, and hope that the lovers can finally get married, don't go for a spin, and also hope that guilia za can harvest the love soon.  Gulnazar

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