Liu yuxin replied to the apology

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   天游官网平台讯,As you all know, today early morning, zhang sent a very long microblogging, microblogging content is to admit that he was in the angel liu's family and also admitted his facial plastic surgery, hope to get angel liu to forgive.

   While everyone was talking about the problem, liu also responded to zhang's weibo account.Angel liu said: "yes no song, describe, just like mischiefs, fleeting, a lot of things I have chosen to forget, and it is as you say, isn't a sudden thing, I have already accepted, each person's life will meet the right thing or the wrong thing, is my is my, not my demand also useless, I cannot run away from this is, I don't care about.I can do is keep conscience clear, live your life, for you, I am willing to try to make friends with you, hope to end the past, also please do not mention this in, nor in the attack.We also hope that journalists and the media can stop.I hope you understand, I am a mother, I have a child, I don't want my child is hurt, my children don't know her parents have separated, I hope you give us a space, hope miss zhang lemon can smooth."From liu yuxin's paragraph, it can be seen that liu yuxin should forgive zhang, but both of them may be victims, and they are hurt by others.Angel liu is really a very good mother, I sincerely hope angel liu road in the future can be smooth sailing, angel liu will be able to find a willing to oneself, also willing to good the other half of her children.I always believe that good people have a safe life. angel liu

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