James conflict

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   天游官网平台讯,The second round of the eastern semifinals of the NBA playoffs, the Cleveland knights and the Toronto Raptors started the second round, in which the Dragon clashes with James, and James was also booed by the dragon home fans. Next, let's take a look at the details with the Xiaobian. In the course of the old Zhan and the Dragon defender van leet for rebounding, the latter thought James had a push to argue with Lao Zhan, and there was no conflict to be stopped by a teammate. But people who watched video playback would ask, didn't you hook up Lao Zhan's arm? After the incident, the whole field hush! When Vliet was pushed away, he was indifferent to James. Finally, Vliet was fouled when he grabbed the rebounds and then stopped fighting.

   At that time, there were 4 minutes to play in the second quarter. The Cavaliers launched a quick attack, and JR scored three points. At that time, James had a physical conflict in the basket and Raptor defender Vliet. From the slow motion playback, Vliet's arm was wrapped around James's arm, and James then threw Vliet's arm off. This action annoyed Vliet at once, and then he almost rushed up to fight with James. Fortunately, the Dragon coach kept his mood. The dragon is more stable than the Knights. Some people only look at the surface and only look at the once - winning relationship. It's time to look at the deep level, such as the players in the team, the coach and so on. The strength and enthusiasm of the Raptor is good. Therefore, Xiaobian thinks friendship first competition is second, do not let competition lose its head.  James

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