Behind Park Jin Young and Bae Yong Jun

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   天游官网平台讯, Recently, according to the Korean entertainment newspaper, Park Jin Young and his senior friends have become very senior preachers. This is not in line with his usual image in front of the people, and has always insisted that he was a "no religion" Park Jin Young for the "rescue group" (Christian Baptist Baptist Baptist meeting) mystical field of mystery, and the big guy behind the world. And the newspaper also reported that Bae Yong Jun also participated in the rally.

   Park Jin Young and Bae Yong Jun participated in photos and videos of the heresy denomination gathering related to the sinking of the world Vietnam incident. Some netizens said that the "Yue Yue" sunken boat, the public opinion was the sacrifices of some church (cult). When Pu Jinhui was in trouble, the church was blown up, and now he was dragged to Park Jin Young. Although the two are not aware of any relationship, the church is "special" in South Korea. Park Jin Young used to claim that he did not believe in any religion. There was a media exposure that his wife was the niece of the shipowner, who questioned Park Jin Young's connection with his heresy and was denied by Park Jin Young, but the photo and video on this exposure sat down with the heresy. Secret. At present, Park Jin Young and Bae Yong Jun belong to JYP and Keyeast company. They all say they will confirm with me before they respond. This incident is a great blow to Park Jin Young and Bae Yong Jun. Let's wait for the result.  Park Jin Young

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