Mr. Kan made an explanation of his speech on Twitter

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   天游官网平台讯, Kanye West these days in Twitter crazy sun and his friends, insiders talk about his support for this thing Trump SMS screenshot. J.Cole may want to guard against this, do not send text messages, direct phone calls, did not expect to hide. Kanye, who was once again in a trance, said in an interview with TMZ that he thought slavery was a black option for 400 years.

  TMZ's black worker retorted him: you always say you have ideas, but I think you don't think anything, you always say what you think, you say anything you want to say here, but in fact, in real life, you live a good life with your talent as an artist, but we are people. But we need to deal with all kinds of discrimination that exists in life because of slavery, but you say that being slaves is our choice. I am very disappointed with you, brother, I can not believe you can say such a thing, you have to be responsible for your words and deeds. Then Kanye said, "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings." Saying that I look at the two interviews that ye released today, a lot of things make sense, and it suddenly comes out that slavery is a choice, and it feels that Kanye is probably in trouble again. We should emancipate the mind, not be the slave of the mind. But in any case, the choice of slavery is too much.  Kanye West

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