Real Madrid played a tie against Bayern

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   天游官网平台讯,Beijing time this morning the Real Madrid and Bayern scored two to two, but the final 4 - 3 to win the final, Benzema Mui opened two degrees, hmeis broke the Champions League semi-final, Real Madrid home to Bayern challenge. The opening of the opening of the gate, Benzema equaliser. In the second half, Uhl Reich, the goalkeeper of Bayern, made a low-level mistake, and Motozawa Mayume opened. 62 minutes, harms equalized the score, Nash finally 20 minutes to make a number of magic saves, Real Madrid 2-2 draw to Bayern, the total score 4-3 to qualify for the Champions League final. The whole game is over! The whole game is over. Benzema scored two goals in the J Champions League final. The European Champions Cup final for three consecutive years.

  Two teams can be said to be different, play like a raging fire, make the little edited admiration and submission, make the little editor in love with the football sport, the sport of playing football is not only required for your good, the usual hard training is not enough, the most important thing or the playing, team players have to have A good psychological quality can lead to a better ball. The players in the Bayern team made a low grade mistake because of their own reasons. This may be one of the reasons for the failure of Bayern and the Real Madrid players are not likely to lose confidence in the start of the Bayern players, which may be one of the reasons for success. And this is Zidane led the team for third consecutive years to qualify for the Champions League final, they will attack the Champions League since the first three consecutive champion! Let's wait and see.  Bayern and won

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