Jessie J, who championed The Singer

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   天游官网平台讯,She judged promising singers on The Voice UK for four seasons and has had several big hits of her own. But Jessie J, decided that it was her turn to take part in a singing contest.The raven-haired singer competed on the show every week, and performed her own songs like Flashlight and Domino, as well as a number of cover songs. But it was I Will Always Love You that earned her the top spot, as her powerful vocals and emotional performance won the crowd, and judges, over. One billion people watched Jessie's performance on the final show, which live in its native country, and after her win took to her social media to pen a heartfelt message to her fans.

   Like why would I compete in a singing competition... I'm probably the least competitive person I know. ''It was an opportunity to bridge a gap between two cultures. Seeing the boundaries break down and the rules be shifted made this whole experience incredible.”She continued: 'China is an amazing place and so different to anywhere I have ever been. I have never been made to feel more welcomed and loved as I have done here. I am so happy I got to play a part.' I 'While Jessie is still gushing over her win on the hit singing competition, she is also set to start working on her new album R.O.S.E.   Jessie

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