Less alone though sick

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   天游官网平台讯,A boy Madden born with a cleft lip and heterochromia iridum(different-colored eyes)has been bullied at school because of his different appearance. Luckily, the seven-year-old from Oklahoma, US has recently found his true spirit animal---a rescued kitty Moon, which looks startlingly similar to him.“they were destined to be best friends, funny how a pet can make you feel less alone.”Madden’s mother ,Christina Humphreys,told Love What Matters,after she discovered the cat by chance and decided to adopt it as a new family member.

   When I heard that I recalled a similar situation immediately. That is a movie called“Wonder”.It was released on 19th of January of 2018 in China. It told that a ten-year-old boy Auggie , because of a natural facial deformity, had to wear a helmet to go to the primary school. In this school , his abnormal appearance made him a focus, which suffered him a lot. Such as question , sneer, pain and tears and so on. However ,it didn’t overthrow him ;on the contrary, it made him more stronger .What more admirable is his parents, sister and friends’ help. All is reflection of persons’ quality. The movie had given me a lesson, that is, when we face failure , frustration, bitter and dilemma, what can I do is never give up. When we are the journey of growth, it is indispensable!“Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle .I conclude it by citing “And if you really wanna see what people are…all you have to do …is look”.   Less alone though sick

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